The past few years San Antonio have witnessed dramatic changes in the digital marketing space. However, one digital marketing strategy that has remained relevant and effective despite these changes is SEO.

It is, by far, the best and most effective way to drive targeted, organic local traffic from San Antonio location to any website and ultimately boost revenue.

Now, patient care institutions from San Antonio like hospices are increasingly leveraging local SEO to attract more clients and boost their revenues.


What is SEO and how does it help hospices from San Antonio to boost revenues?

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SEO stands for for search engine optimization. It is a powerful digital marketing strategy that can help online businesses from San Antonio to attract a ton of qualified/organic traffic to their websites so that the website sales funnel can convert it into revenues for the organization.

For example, if you’re operating a hospice website in San Antonio, you’ll need clients from San Antonio to visit your site, understand your services, and buy them. That can be a tremendous challenge, considering that there are likely many hospice websites in your local area competing for the same clients. SEO can make a hospice website more easily found by clients searching for patient care services online.

When the family of a patient searches for their keyword phrase in San Antonio, for example, “best hospice care services in San Antonio’’ your hospice website should come up in their search results on the first page of Google, if it is located in San Antonio. It is important to understand that, for your hospice website to be seen by potential clients, it must appear on top of search engine results or be on the first page of Google. Only a small percentage of people click past page 1 of the search results.


How do you ensure that your hospice website appears at the top of search engine results under San Antonio map pack listings?top of google search results under San Antonio listing


By optimizing it for SEO, there is a far greater chance to be positioned on page 1 under San Antonio local listing and map packs.

There are multiple ways to optimize your hospice website for SEO, such as proper keyword research and placement, building links from San Antonio websites (both internal and external), generating high-value content, making your website mobile-friendly and increasing your website speed.


How SEO boosts your hospice revenues in San Antonio?


1. SEO increases your hospice website traffic from San Antonio users

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Statistics show that websites from San Antonio that appear on top of search engine results receive over 70% of clicks. Therefore, if your hospice website appears on top of search engine results under San Antonio map pack, it will receive a ton of traffic.

Traffic is the currency in the online businesses world. The more qualified traffic your website gets, the more conversions and sales for your hospice business, considering that 8% of traffic to your page converts. Therefore, the focus should be on driving as much traffic as possible to your hospice website if you want to skyrocket your sales.


2. SEO is cost-effective for hospices compared to other advertising forms in San Antonio

cost effectiveness in advertising to San Antonio users

The good thing about SEO is that you don’t have to hire an SEO agency or SEO expert from San Antonio to make your website SEO friendly but there is a solid learning curve of a few years.

If you decide to hire a local SEO expert or agency in San Antonio, it won’t cost as much as other forms of advertising like television, radio or billboards. Generally, digital marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing, such as television, and radio.

That means you’ll save a significant amount of money that can be used to invest in other aspects of your hospice business that promise greater profitability.

Such potential investments in a hospice facility and service could be upgrading of medical care equipment, hiring higher quality staff, or enhancing the aesthetics and comfortability of the location. When clients are happy with your patient care services, they will spread the word about your business and soon, more clients will come in, all of which dramatically boosts your sales and increase your profit margins.


3. SEO boosts brand awareness for hospices in San Antonio

improve San Antonio business branding using seo

Branding is one of the most powerful marketing strategies today.

It helps your business to get recognition and become popular with customers. These days, people want to buy from recognized brands, regardless of price, because they guarantee authentic and high-quality products.

For example, if you’re thinking of buying a Smartphone, brands like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei will come to mind first. That’s the power of branding. SEO can help boost your hospice brand and garner you more sales.


When your website from San Antonio appears on top of search engines, many people will visit it to learn about your services.

While end-of-life care is ultimately targeted to the patient, it is often the family who makes the final decision on the hospice facility based upon price, location, and perceived quality of care.


Off-page SEO can dramatically help to increase the popularity of your hospice business and boost your brand awareness in San Antonio. Off-page SEO is a digital marketing strategy that involves creating awareness for your business off the site. Examples of off-page SEO techniques include social media marketing, guest blogging, and submitting your content to forums and article directories.

With more than 2 billion people on social media, combined with traffic from guest blogging, and forum and article directory submission, your hospice website can become popular in a matter of weeks.


4. SEO increases a San Antonio visitor’s time spent on a site

time spent on website with San Antonio address

Dwell time is the amount of time visitors spend on your hospice website. When your dwell time is high, it means people from San Antonio are spending more time on your hospice website, and Google will construe that as a valuable website, consequently increasing your search engine rankings. And a high search engine ranking means more traffic and sales.

High dwell time also means clients from San Antonio are checking out all your hospice website pages. That means that they will view many of your products and services, thereby increasing purchasing possibilities. In fact, Google reports show that websites with high dwell time are better ranked than those with less dwell time.


5. On-page SEO minimizes your San Antonio website’s bounce rate

onpage optimization for users from San Antonio

Bounce rate is the percentage of web visitors from San Antonio who land on a web page and leave without checking other pages. The main reasons for high bounce rates are slow loading pages and poor website experience.

When your hospice website has a high bounce rate, it means you’re losing a ton of traffic and potential sales from your San Antonio readers. SEO can help you to optimize your page load speeds and user experience.

By reducing the size of your website images, using content delivery networks, minimizing the number of CSS and JavaScript files, using web caching, and minimizing HTTP requests. When your hospice website’s bounce rate is low from San Antonio visitors, sales increase.

SEO can increase your San Antonio hospice business’ return on investment (ROI) dramatically because it not only helps to drive a significant amount of organic traffic to a web site, but also provides trackable, as well as quantifiable results.